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How Dual-Sided Displays Optimize Window Marketing

Using a bright LED projection screen in a storefront or roadside window to advertise to pedestrians and promote visitor numbers through the store entrance can be an economic strategy for promotion to onlookers and generate pedestrian traffic. Nevertheless, employing such technology proves to entail a trade-off.

Dual-sided LED screens placed on buildings

The LED panels are impressive from the sidewalk, but inside the office, personnel and customers are confronted with a flat, gloomy sheet of metal or plastic that serves as the tail of a projection. Installing panels two in a row was a straightforward solution, but the results were bulky and difficult to manage due to the monitors themselves, mounting gear, and numerous cables.

This is where dual-sided LCD panels come in handy. The sign is cleaned up by placing 2 LCDs in one super-slim frame. New and advanced technology has helped adjust the illumination of each panel such that the one facing the road and fighting refraction is much stronger than the one facing within.

Take a look at how dual-sided displays optimize window marketing:

What Is The Need Of Window Marketing

So, why do we have screens in our window frames? Storefront advertising has been proven to draw attention from the outside and encourage customers to come inside. In general, display communications do a phenomenal job of boosting visibility than paper.

A wide range of enterprises employs advertising in their shop windows to:

1.Inform the audience that they're operating and what goods and deals they have within the store.

2.Make the transition from awareness to familiarity.

3.Bring visitors in and convert them into clients.

4.Displays also save time and effort by eliminating the need for printed advertisements.

5.The vicinity aspect of digitalization makes sending frequent and targeted marketing easy.

Dual-sided LED screens placed on buildings

How Dual-Sided Screens Can Optimize Window Marketing

1. It Helps In Merchandizing

Street-facing displays are frequently used for messaging promotional offers designed to entice customers inside, while displays on the store's rear end emphasize information and marketing. Those displays could be used for guides, promoting current innovations, or providing online buying and pick-up choices.

2. It Helps In Optimizing QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)

Outdoor dual-sided panels display marketing geared toward passersby and vehicles based on various factors, including the time of day and the average restaurant description, which changes throughout the day and week. The panels on the inside display it all: from entrees to exclusive specials to operational information like mobile ordering choices or part-time employment openings.

3. It Helps In Optimizing Financial Strategies

Bankers can utilize street-facing dual-sided displays as part of larger municipal, statewide, or global branding strategies, providing consumers with a consistent message that they may have seen on television, out of the house, or on the web. They also strive to attract new clients and elicit inquiries from current clients about additional services or competitive savings, mortgage, or monthly payments. Inside, the emphasis moved to educate clients about the variety of services and solutions offered.

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