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Your channel letters can be customized in terms of color, shape, size, and material to best suit your company. Epic LED supplies high quality illuminated channel letter options available, such as LED, to help your customers find your business at any time of day.

Nothing beats a one-of-a-kind channel letter sign for making your storefront stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, you can present yourself as professional, credible, and trustworthy.

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Channel letter signs are a beautiful way to illuminate your business and make potential customers aware of its existence regardless of the time of day, the weather, or the location. To receive expert advice and pricing information, simply contact us and let us know what kind of Channel Letters you want.

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Our channel letters are made to order and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. This enables your brand to shine in any environment. The benefits of channel letters include: 

Little maintenance 
Designed to last for years 
Customizable to your business 
Provide visibility to your business 

✅Any font style, color and size!

✅Incorporate your organization's logo or symbol.

✅Laser-cut components to exacting size and shape specifications.

✅Quality stainless steel or aluminum with many finish and color options.

✅Electric products UL Listed and CE Certified.

✅Weatherproof and long-lasting LED illumination.

✅Front-lit, rear-lit, side-lit and non-illuminated options.

✅3-year product warranty is included.


Our experts can incorporate your text, design elements, colors and other preferences to create the perfect combination for you. Find out more about the options


front lit.PNG

With the classic front-lit channel letter, you can increase the visibility of your organization's name! Available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Front & Back-Lit channel letter_edited.jpg
Front & Back-Lit

Get the best of both worlds with both front and back-lit channel letters!  The color of the backlighting can be customized.

back-lit halo.PNG
Back-Lit (Halo Letters)

Your organization name will be obscured by subtle shading behind a finished metal letter. The color of the backlighting can be customized.

Non-Illuminated letter.jpeg

This is the traditional dimensional letter made of high-quality materials and available in any font or style! Laser-cut components ensure a perfect fit and finish.

Front & Side-Lit letter_edited.jpg
Front & Side-Lit

Side perforations allow light to illuminate nearby characters and surfaces.

Black & white faces.jpg
Black/White Faces

Front-lit letters can be programmed to display black during the day and white when illuminated at night.


Colors & Finishes


Metal surfaces, such as faces and returns, can be electroplated or painted with a Pantone color of your choice.

Electroplating Colors

For non-painted metal surfaces, a brushed or mirrored application is available.

Brushed Finish
Pantone Colors
mirrored finish.jpg
Mirrored Finish


  • Interior design for hotels/restaurants/office

  • Cosmetic / jewelry display shelves and cabinets

  • Back light source for wall/ceiling displays

  • Art gallery and museum for artistic display

  • Trade show displays

  • Retail shop display stands and cases

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